Wednesday, January 25, 2012

JFF - Birkii, "Morning Light"

Do you have a penchant for electroPOP de toute beauté?  Meet Birkii, former conservatory student and purveyor of lovely Parisian melancholy.  Recently recognized by the fashionable Kitsuné compilation, Birkii's music is truly a breath of fresh air in an often exaggerated musical world. Her synths are relaxing, her voice mellifluous, her melodies simple.  Her faint French accent adds a tinge of honey.  It's smooth.  It's soothing.  It's sincere.

I first heard Morning Light Birkii on a week ago & feel in love with it.  I think it is the perfect introductory track to the French nightingale.  Listen below.

Do you like what you hear?  For more on Birkii, check out her feature on MTV Iggy.

We are big fans of your work, Birkii.  Please keep it up!



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