Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Indie POP, North of the Border

Today, I thought I would gift our readers with some indie artists who ALSO happen to be our neighbors, the Canadians!  Now now, be nice, & put those jokes aside!  Canada happens to be ripe with some stellar/strange experimental POP these days - so check out these featured musicians.  I've done my best to break them down for introduction.

Grimes =
Lady Gaga's bangs + Girl With the Dragon Tattoo + exotic Asian bird
experimental psuedo-pyscho-POP for fans of Lykke Li, Zola Jesus

Grimes - Vanessa 

Lights =
atypical shimmer POP + slight grunge + the gamer-girl-next-door
for fans of Ellie Goulding, Ke$ha

Austra =
neo-Scandinavian electronica + enigmatic wailing
for fans of The Knife, Florence + the Machine

Any thoughts?  



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