Sunday, January 22, 2012

The "Domino" Effect: Can Jessie J Break the USA?

I'm American.  Ok, cool.  With that said, I have had a long-running, 23-year hate-love relationship with the Billboard Hot 100.  Sometimes I have happy days (an indie rock band peaked at #3!) & sometimes I have angry days (ugh, please make Bruno Mars go away & replace him with Robyn). But all this aside, one track, slowly creeping its way up the charts, is putting a smile on my face: Domino.

I am an unlikely Jessie J fan.  I'm not really into soul.  Nor R&B. I generally shy away from "vocal acrobatics," as our friend Vertigo Shtick calls them. But I can sing Jessie J's praises to anyone who will listen.  I'm waiting to see Jessie J break the USA - and Domino is her best chance.  

It's Dr. Luke. It's Max Martin. It's Claude Kelly. And damn, is it catchy.  Yes, it sounds a hell of a lot like Katy Perry, but I highly doubt that Jessie had anything to do with that (did she produce it? No).  Idolator is fair to deem it a "Teenage Dream leftover" because, let's face it, it sounds an awful lot like one (Dr. Luke is very green, he reuses, recycles).  But Jessie J, ever the fighter, took what the big names gave her & made it her ownDomino may sound akin to a song from Teenage Dream song, but no one can sing it the way Jessie can.

So who is Jessie fighting on her way up? The Big Girls. The Queens of the Charts: Rihanna, Adele, Katy Perry, & most upsettingly, Flo Rida, who doesn't deserve to be there.  Does Jessie really stand a chance of peaking at #1? Unfortunately, probably not. BUT, truly, Domino is "a shot of pure gold."  It can definitely make it higher than its current position at #15, to say the least.  Now that we know to expect a more "painful" second album, the time is now to get Jessie in the US Top 10, where she belongs.

She can do it.  And when she does it, I will have a happy day.



We'll get you there, girl!


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