Sunday, January 15, 2012

And When I Feel Like I Don't Fit In...

...I'll Be Glamorous In My Own Way

Here are pictures of POP stars who dress in their own way. Some people may think they look "weird," but I see them as utterly glamorous because they ARE utterly glamorous. These people may not have looked that great if they primped themselves in an ordinary manner to suit society's standards of beauty, so they created a style all their own that highlights their unique beauty. These are our role models, not just in fashion, but in life, because with their aesthetics, they teach us to carve out our own paths when we're unable to tread smoothly down those that everyone else follows.

Elly Jackson - La Roux

Annie Lennox

Florence Welch - Florence + the Machine




Alanis Morissette

Fred Macpherson - Spector

Lady GaGa

Sir Elton John
& Her Fabulousness Miss Piggy

Pop Levi

Amy Winehouse...RIP

We applaud these artists for their expression of proud individuality. Minna and I are learning to follow their inspiring lead, aesthetic and otherwise. Join us!



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