Sunday, January 22, 2012

‘90s Sundays

1990 - 1999

I want to start a tradition here at Unapologetically POP! I suspect that many of you, like Minna & I, adore ‘90s Music. It’s an era of such diversity, ranging from Nirvana to the Spice Girls, and we remember it with immense, and utterly intense, nostalgia. It was an era that most of us witnessed, but were too young to participate in. When you’re young, everything seems to have an element of grandiosity and romance. I flip through my (8-year) older sister’s high school year book with a sense of longing far greater than I ever feel when browsing through my own. Intellectually, I know that if I had lived through those years as a teenager, I would have experienced and remembered them much like I do the 2000s, when I was actually a teen. Those days wouldn't have seemed as special. Still, nostalgia is fantasy, and fantasy is magic. Let’s preserve that sentiment every Sunday, shall we?

I will begin this series with a song that takes me right back to the heart of the era. It’s POP, it’s rock, it’s confessional, it’s mournful, and it’s a tad grungy – all characteristics that make it super ‘90s! I give you Sheryl Crow’s If It Makes You Happy, the hit single off of her self-titled second album. Make sure to check out the kitschy video, below – what’s better than seeing Sheryl herself as an exhibit in a museum’s endangered species section? NOTHING. Nothing is better. 




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