Saturday, January 28, 2012

7 Reasons Britt Love Needs a Solo Career

Britt Love, the beautiful brunette who once, ever so long ago, performed as one half of British POP duo Mini Viva, has been lying relatively low lately.  We're convinced this is because she is secretly planning to launch a sensational solo career, POP star-style.  So for all music fans, here are our 7 reasons why Lady Britt needs a solo career.

1. She's got the moves.
The proof: Music Makes You Lose Control teaser.

2. She plays well with others.
The proof: Successful playdate with Monarchy on You Don't Want To Dance With Me.

3. She has dropped hints.

4. She sounds amazing live.
The proof: This acoustic live performance of Be Who You Are in someone's attic/bedroom/what does it matter?  It's spectacular!

5. Her hair.
The proof: Some stylish Aussie lady used Britt as a model for the "messy top-knot." So I'm not the only one who's obsessed.

6. The terribly short POP life-span of Mini Viva.
The proof: Few were surprised, but many shed a tear when Frankee & Britt split without even the release of a debut album. 

7. She knows how to play the game.
The proof: She's got a song about it.
Need I go on?  Because I could.  But... I think you get the idea.

Britt, the idea of your solo career has us pretty much falling off the edge of our seats with excitement (We need full songs! The audio clip on repeat just isn't the same).  Alas, we know when the time is right, Hurricane Britt Love will hit us full force.  So keep up the hard work with those cute guys of Youth Kills!  We'll be waiting for you.



P.S. - Show Britt some LOVE: Check out her Facebook Page & follow her on Twitter. Let her know you like her work!

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