Saturday, December 3, 2011

JFF - Nicki Minaj & "Roman in Moscow"

Nicki Minaj wears fame like anyone can take it.  She has the X-factor.  She's a badass It Girl who slides between genres with the help of carefully created "alter-egos," - my favorite of which is the demonic, wrathful, & utterly maniacal Roman Zolanski.

The golden days of rap, for me, have long been over.  I grew up on NWA, Wu Tang, DMX and a father who loved (& still loves) Ja Rule.  However, Nicki's Roman persona is climbing up the steep heights of my expectations at a rapid pace.  There is a reason that the cut-throat track Roman's Revenge was my favorite on Pink Friday, next to Moment 4 Life (despite the homophobic slurs, which we will discuss soon).  Finally, in Roman In Moscow, Her Nastiness returns.  Her metaphors are slick.  Her character original.  And her delivery ... flawless.

One minute into Roman in Moscow and Nicki boasts, "every trend, I introduce it."  In some respects, she's probably right.



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