Wednesday, December 14, 2011

JFF - New Ronika, "Clock"

Don't let their faces fool you - this is a DANCE track.

Yes! More Ronika!

One week ago Ronika posted a new song featuring Charles Washington, Clock, on her Soundcloud.  I basically can't stop listening to it. Clock is super-chic and smooth, with Mr. Washington adding some extra groove for even more flavor.

Note this: Ronika is not only a singer with a sweet, melodic voice, but a skilled DJ who spent years rocking the Nottingham underground music scene.  It seems particularly outrageous that DJ Magazine did not list a single female in its Top 100 DJs this year when women like Ronika continue to deliver solid tune after solid tune - (not even Annie Mac made the list, as noted by the Guardian UK).  Let's give it up for this girl.

More good news for Ronika: Guardian News deemed her "destined for pop greatness in 2012."  Um, heck YES!

While we wait for her next release, download Clock for free here- we guarantee you'll be singing along by the end.

Keep it comin' girl!!!



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