Friday, December 9, 2011

JFF - L2 & "My Religion"

Our first encounter with the lovely Labbadia sisters, known as L2, was back when we wrote about their super catchy song Criminal in Bed.  Now we’re back with gusto to bring you their latest, the super-soulful love ballad My Religion.

The ladies of L2 have been busy!  They were in LA working on new material, & let me tell you, the hard work has paid off.  My Religion packs a punch.  It's ripe with references to confession, faith, heaven, and miracles.  Moreover, the production on My Religion is certified capital.  It empowers the ladies’ voices for an extra POW at the chorus.  The lyrics are sumptuous and crafty, with verses like “your words are my scripture” and “your body is my temple” sung passionately over a powerPOP beat.  My favorite verse, by far, is “it feels like a sin / it feels like a crime / to worship you all the time" (you know I have a thing for words!)  It's catchy, clever, and cool.  To hear My Religion and more, check out L2's Facebook page and L2 on iTunes.

L2 told us that their next song is called Insomnia.  Girls, we're looking forward to it.  So until the next single, we only have one thing to say: Sing it sisters!!



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