Sunday, December 11, 2011

JFF - Diana Vickers Makes the Boys CRYYYY!


Every other blog has written about this song, but I have to do it myself because Music to Make the Boys Cry is absolutely infectious! Neither Minna nor I have ever been hyper-aware of, or into, Diana Vickers' tunes, but girlfriend is back with a bang! The former UK X-Factor contestant left the label that released her 2010 debut, Songs from the Tainted Cherry Tree, supposedly over artistic differences. The suits wanted to pull her in a more commercial direction, while she desired to be an indie-POP songstress. This song is proof positive that she made the right decision. Music to Make the Boys Cry is insanely catchy and melodic. The production sounds like the work of Starsmith, best known for collaborating with Ellie Goulding on her first (and only) album, Lights. The track is filled with a steady danceable beat and shimmering synthesized keyboards, as thought it were custom-made for the holiday season! And, of course, Ms. Vickers' voice is that of an angel.

The song can be downloaded from Diana's website,, for FREE, so go get yourself a digital copy, put on your sparkliest sequined shoes (preferably stilettos) and hit the dance-floor! Dig your heels into those boys! We want to hear them cry cry CRYYYYY!



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