Saturday, November 26, 2011

JFF - Class Actress

Now this is some sharp & foxy synthPOP.

Have you heard Weekend yet? It has been everywhere since new indie POP act Class Actress released Rapproacher.  Formed by singer-songwriter Elizabeth Harper, along with producers Scott Rosenthal and Mark Richardson, Class Actress's music sounds like Madonna's affair with Depeche Mode.  On Weekend Elizabeth coos "you make me late for work / you make me late for church" against a background of chilling '80s-style synthesizers.  At their best, Class Actress sounds simultaneously lugubrious & scintillating, much to the credit of Elizabeth Harper's rich & sensuous voice.  We're lovin it.

As stated on their twitter, the band is touring Europe right now- we wish we were in Paris with them! (what a perfect match)  Keep it classy, Class Actress, & have a great tour! 



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