Wednesday, November 9, 2011


It’s a Monday night and a local club has a killer line-up.  I’m new in town.  My boyfriend has class.  My acquaintances are not interested.  And to drag my mother with me is going a little too far.

How many gigs have I missed because I had no one to go with?  Because none of my friends liked the band?  Because no one was adventurous enough to check out an under-the-radar artist?  Far, far too many, and more of us have been in this situation than we would like to admit.  This is one of the many reasons I am genuinely excited about, an innovative social networking service that helps you meet people who share your love for music.

Music connects people.  This is undeniable.  I met some of my best friends over a shared love of bands as diverse as WHY? and Balkan Beat Box.  Gregory and I bonded over a love of TiK ToK on an overcrowded tour bus trekking through the desert. helps facilitate these kinds of connections between people of all musical tastes.

I would describe as the offspring of a beautiful love affair between and Facebook.  Tastebuds takes your musical preferences - or “likes” if you will - assesses them, and instantly matches you with like-minded people.  I have been a loyal user for 4 years, but truly takes it to another level; they match people based on musical compatibility and the site is incredibly easy to use.  Tastebuds also sports a witty music blog - check out their recent post on musical turnoffs which is absolutely hilarious.

I guarantee that will surprise you.  I myself gave it a spin last week and was shocked to see all the attractive 20-somethings who listened to The Klezmatics within a 50-mile radius of me! (dude, only my grandparents listen to the Klezmatics!)  Who knows how Tastebuds will surprise you?  You might find fellow music lovers,  meet future pals, or even snag a date.  One thing is for sure: thanks to Tastebuds, we may never have to go to a gig alone again – and that is truly something to celebrate.

So have you checked these guys out yet?  Start here - just enter your favorite bands or your ID.  And guess what?  It’s free!

Gregory and I know exactly what it takes to make an idea a reality.  We congratulate the guys over at on their originality, creativity, and chutzpah. We look forward to watching the site develop.  Bravo!



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