Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Spooky POP Playlist, Part 5

BOO!  ROAR!  HOWL!  We're baaack!

I wanted to end my portion of the Spooky POP playlist with some truly rockable, uptempo tunes.  I love Halloween & I hope, more than anything, that our readers enjoy this playlist as much as we have enjoyed making it for you!  So here we go:

23. The Kills - Future Starts Slow - Straight off their latest album Blood Pressures, ghostly pop-rockers The Kills absolve themselves of evil, singing "no longing for the moonlight / no longing for the sun / no longer will I curse the bad I've done."  The holler, they wail, they'll blow your mind.  Future Starts Slow will leave you suspended in time.

24. Lady GaGa - Monster - You knew we couldn't leave this song out! No Spooky Pop playlist is complete without Mother Monster's Anthem.  In Monster, Lady GaGa tells a morbid love story about a girl & a wolf in disguise, all amongst the backdrop of the New York City skyline.  From the very beginning, Gaga's a goner.  "He licked his lips / said to me / girl you look good, enough to eat," she tells us.  GaGa is a gifted storyteller, & in Monster no detail of the fairytale-gone-wrong is left out.  She tells of their dirty dancing, their make-out session on the Metro home, & her final realization that she brought a Monster into her bed.  GaGa creates a freakin' fantastic pop song about the true Monster among us.  And hey, isn't that what Halloween is all about?

25. Cut Copy - So Haunted - This song sounds like an alien invasion, pure & simple.  The lyrics evoke the image of jilted lovers standing in a desert, peering up into the midnight sky: "What's that you see? / there's all these satellites, satellites, satellites / orbiting you & me / One glimpse could change a life, change a life, change a life."  Eek.  Are they being abducted?  Were the boys of Cut Copy inspired by UFOs?  Who knows, but the song is flippin' freaky.

26. Fenech-Soler - Demons - We all know about my thing for electro-pop boyband Fenech-Soler, so can it come as a surprise that Demons made it on here? Besides the allusions to running from your demons / running into ex-girlfriends, I don't exactly know what is going on in this song.  However, like anything Ben Duffy sings, its full of sexy moaning & groaning.  So it's ace.

27. Ladyhawke - Magic - Magic, the opening track to Ladyhawke's eponymous first album, is a whimsical journey across the ocean in pursuit of love & adventure. It's kind of like a theme song for everyone's favorite uber-creepy 1980s kids' movie, The Neverending Story (remember the evil wolf monster Gmork?  That sh*t gave me nightmares). "One journey for you but it's worth it / one life here with me & it's magic," sings Ladyhawke wistfully.  You truly don't expect the journey to ever end.  Magic conjures up nostalgia for the dreamworld of childhood, where imagination is reality...

We're almost to the end.  Keep coming back this week for our final installation.  We guarantee you'll be spooked!



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