Saturday, October 22, 2011

Spooky POP Playlist, Part 3

Part 3 is here: get ready to dance in the dark!  I must say, making this playlist has been one of my favorite posts so far.  I threw in 2 tracks at the end to give you the SuperSpooks (BEWARE).  Here we go:

11) Natalia Kills – Zombie –Natalia Kills, the indisputable Queen of Dark Pop, falls hard for a heartless zombie who wants nothing more than to feel her up & eat her brains.  As she sings “cold cold, freezing freezing / got my heart beating, beating…” Natalia is seduced by the living dead into a world of sex, mortality, blood, & violence.  It's totally twisted... and bewitching.

12) Kerli – Walking On Air - Estonian singer-songwriter Kerli is a master at her craft; she manages to create hauntingly melodic yet undeniably Gothic pop music.  The lyrics to Walking On Air are personal & delicate, while the song is as freakin' creepy as a Hot Topic porcelain doll collection.  The light-heavy tension makes Walking On Air a warped & fantastic song.

12) Katy Perry: E.T. – I’m really not diehard for Katy, but E.T. has a massive beat.  Personally, aliens terrify me, as does the music video which features impressive visuals.  "Take me/ Ta-ta-take me / Wanna be a victim / ready for abduction!" cries Katy. In E.T. she shows a darker side, & it's endearing.  Plus, who can miss Kanye rapping about "alien sex?" Ugh, the idea alone gives me the shivers.

14) Röyksopp – The Girl and the Robot ft. RobynAll night long Robyn lies awake, waiting & waiting for her robot-lover to return home & satisfy her.  It isn't easy.  Her lover is mechanical, perfunctory, emotionless... a byproduct of a world running on automatic.  Robyn's collaboration with Norwegian ambient musicians Röyksopp is simply brilliant, creating a bizarre but genius dance track.

15) Bat For Lashes – Moon and Moon - The husky voice of Natasha Khan accompanied by piano create something foreboding & mystical in Moon and Moon.  "I am a huntress" she sings, "for a husband lost at sea."  The song is softer others on our playlist, & oddly eerie, like a flock of bats underneath the moonlight...

I promised you 2 extra songs!  Warning, listen if you dare... 

X-Rated Bonus Tracks:

16) The Knife – We Share Our Mother's Health - Swedish band The Knife is quite possibly the iciest pop music you will ever hear (are Karen & Olof singing or are they fornicating?).  We Share Our Mother's Health is a strange & sexual track.  It makes you want to dance with loads of black lipstick & eyeliner on.  My roommate Meg put it aptly when she warned never to listen to The Knife alone in the car - you will drive off the road.

17) Miss Kittin & the Hacker – The Womb – I went through a huge Miss Kittin phase in college, much to the mortification of my roommates (sorry about Reqiuem For a Hit Meggie).  In The Womb, French feminist & professional ass-kicker Miss Kittin declares “I am not the silent woman!” & chants “evolution, evolution” over the Hacker’s super-slick production.  Frightening is an understatement.  You half-expect a possessed demon-child to come at you with a switchblade… which is probably what they were going for in the first place.

Are you spooked?  



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