Friday, October 21, 2011

Spooky POP Playlist, Part 2


Here are the first five tunes on my Spooky POP Playlist!

6) Rihanna - Disurbia: When girlfriend starts off with "Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum," you know you're in for a crazy ride. Plus the haunted-jail cell video is as spooky as they get. This is dark-pop at its most fun! 

7) Lady GaGa - Dance in the Dark: From The Fame Monster (my favorite Gaga compilation thus far), this song gives me chills. I love that the lyrics have meaning. You can shake it to the shimmery beats, paying no mind to the song's content, but if you want content, it's there. The song is about women who have been suppressed, subjugated, and taken advantage of, including Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Sylvia Plath, and Princess Diana. "Baby loves to dance in the dark / cuz when he's lookin, she falls apart / Baby loves to dance, loves to dance in the dark." The words give me chills.

8) Lady GaGa - Bloody Mary: You thought you were going to get away with only one GaGa track? Forget about it! The title justifies this track's place on our list. It's a love song that makes references to Pontius, Michelangelo, Jesus, and Mary Magdalene, of course. I won't lie, whatever's going on in the song is a bit over my head. With this one, I'll just dance to the spooky beat.

9) Metric - Help, I'm Alive: The production on this track is dark, heavy, and mechanical, while Emily Haines sings, "I tremble, they're gonna eat me alive." For something slightly more relaxed, check out the simplistically beautiful acoustic version.

10) Marina & the Diamonds - The Outsider: LOVE this chick. There's no way she wouldn't be on our list. The Outsider is an enjoyable listen, but the LYRICS. The lyrics are what really get to me. They're utterly relatable, especially when she sings, "Feeling like a loser / Feeling like a bum / Sitting on the outside / Observing the fun." Um, story of my life. Then, the song takes a turn for the worse as Marina croons, "Don't get on my bad side / I can work a gun / Hop into the backseat baby / I'll show you some fun." And fun it is (the song, anyway. I can't speak for the people in her backseat. Their fate probably wasn't so fun).

We have more Halloween fun coming your way tomorrow, so make sure to check in!




  1. Love all of these! Perfect Halloween tunes! I'd also recommend Teeth by Gaga, and you can't forget the Monster Mash!!! :P

  2. Yay Vinny! I'm thinking of flying Gregory down to ATL to DJ a Halloween party hehe

  3. PS - Gregory, I LOVE Bloody Mary.

  4. this is fab. What about the Ghostbusters theme? lolz

  5. Could be a contender for next year's list ;)


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