Thursday, October 20, 2011

Spooky POP Playlist, Part 1

Halloween is almost upon us, so Gregory & I decided to compile the ultimate Spooky Pop Playlist to get y'all in the mood.  We chose the very best pop songs to get you dancing and give you creeps.  Here are the first 5 tracks:

1) Sneaker Pimps- Bloodsport: This song is simply a classic.  It’s a super creepy 90s throwback that deals with the dark and sinister forces of sex & death.  "My mother never told me that love is just a bloodsport..." totally contagious.  The perfect opening track.  Listen to its breathy creepiness here.

2)SBTRKT – Wildfire: In “Wildfire,” the mysterious masked SBTRKT one of my favorite new London DJs, warns us not to play with the paranormal.  Check it out here.

3) Florence + the Machine – Howl: The transformative power of love turns Florence Welch into a flesh-hungry beast.  “I hunt for you with bloody feet across the hollow ground” Florence yowls.  She’s on the prowl, baying at the moon!  Listen here.

4) Ladyhawke - Dusk Til Dawn: – Things that go bump in the night - footsteps in the hall, banging on the wall - keep Ladyhawke up all night!  This song is pop-perfection, and explores about the eerie forces of ghostly love. Rock out to it here.

5) Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers: The songstress Lykke Li composes a dark and ominous stalker song like only a Swede can.  (Listen here)  Watch out, someone’s coming for you…

Stay tuned, we have many more spooky songs on the way... what will be next on the playlist?



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