Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pop Prince #3: James Jagger

Who has moves like Jagger?  No, it's definitely not Adam Levine.

James Jagger, son of Rolling Stones frontman Mick, has definitely inherited the Jagger-family magnetism. Born to Mick Jagger and Texan supermodel mother Jerry Hall, James stands out from the rest of his celebrity siblings (Mick Jagger was a notorious, um, "ladies-man," who fathered 7 children with 4 women).  James originally followed in the footsteps of his sisters, who pursued careers as models, but soon rejected modeling.  Why?  Because he felt like "a piece of meat."  Hmmm... this indicates that James Jagger is not capitalizing on his looks nor his fame... intriguing!

Notably, James is our first Pop Prince who followed a career path aside from music – he is instead pursuing a career in acting.  Members of our parents' generation may remember Mick & Jerry’s failed attempts onscreen, but James is easily succeeding where his parents floundered.  So what drew James towards theatre?  Batman.  Yes, you heard me right, Batman.  "I wanted to be Batman," James tells The New York Times.  "I had Batman bed clothes, I had Batman sheets."  Um, could he be any cuter?  Watch James' full screen test with The New York Times here.

Though James admits that his last name earns him the “hairy-eyeball” at auditions, he has more than earned respect in the industry.  At 25, he has already received positive reviews for his performances at the Kings Head Theatre in North London.  Most recently, James auditioned for the role of Colin Clark in the upcoming film My Week With Marilyn, but the role eventually went to Eddie Redmayne.  Don't worry, he has a few more projects coming up for 2012, including a film called Stealing Summers with Sophie Auster.  But let a film critic debrief you on that.

So congratulations, James!  You are a designated Pop Prince, and a very deserving one at that!  (It can't hurt that you are criminally sexy)  We look forward to watching your performance career bloom.



PS - So what about James' dance moves?  According to him, he is a very self-conscious dancer... according to us, he's got them.

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