Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pop Prince #1: Evan James Springsteen

"The Boss"
Bruce Springsteen is a pop rock legend.  Alongside Bob Dylan, he is credited with popularizing “americana” sentimentality in music, and remains one of the best examples of “heartland rock.”  More than 30 years later, it is still virtually impossible not to hear “Born To Run,” “Born in the USA,” or “Dancing in the Dark” on your local mom-n-pop radio station.  And who could forget those dance moves? (Check 'em out here, and see if you can spot a young Courtney Cox!) Today, Bruce is known by millions of fans simply as “the Boss.”

Well, those are some pretty intimidating shoes to fill!  Can you imagine being the son of someone known as “the Boss?”  I reckon it would dissuade most from entering the same field.  However, it appears that Bruce’s first son, Evan James Springsteen, is in no way discouraged, as he himself has started making music - dropping the last name “Springsteen” and simply going by “Evan James.”

So far, 21 year-old Evan James has posted two songs to his Myspace page, “Sweet Georgia Brown” and “New York City.”  “New York City” is precocious considering that it was written by a teenager.  It encapsulates the tri-state area's nostalgia for NYC quite well.  Evan has definitely inherited his father’s folk elements, & is undoubtedly a Bob Dylan fan too – evident by his croaky, unabashedly raspy voice (check out Evan's Myspace page here).
Evan James

Many will undoubtedly question Evan James’ authenticity.  Nevertheless, even if music is purely a hobby for him, we’d like to hear more.  For a youngster, he has a massive talent arsenal at his disposal! (it doesn't hurt that he is also a teenage heart-throb).  With more time and some training, we could definitely see him as a frontman for an indie rock band (like the Gaslight Anthem or the Hold Steady).  Keep it up Evan James!  You are our very first POP Prince.

Come back soon, we have some more princes coming your way – some you may have heard of, & some you may have not!




  1. How cool that he chose not to capitalize on his father's "household" last name! Kudos! Thanks for telling us about EJ.

  2. LMFAO this cat is a wannabe brian fallon. He's been obsessed with gaslight anthem since they dropped "sink or swim." Nobody wants to hear a rich kid sing about the blues. He's had a priveledged life. Nobody will be able to relate to him whatsoever. Jakob Dylan found some success maybe evan will too, but I've heard he is quite stuck up. So here's to you kid. Maybe you can suck up to brian and he'll let you into gaslight lol.

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