Sunday, October 9, 2011

The POP-Adjacent Pyramid: Tier 3


                                          Collect Call                                Pick up the Phone
                                               Metric                                            Dragonette
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Tier 3 of The POP-Adjacent Pyramid includes two of my favorite bands, both of which feature ravishingly beautiful leading ladies and rock vibes.  Metric’s “Collect Call” (click here to listen) off of their amazing 2009 album, Fantasies, is warm and gooey, like a steamy glass of apple cider fresh off the stove during the fall months. It does, however, possess enough of a rock edge with the standard electric guitars to satisfy the die-hards. Luckily, they don’t overpower the song, instead enhancing its warm glow.  You can feel the insecurity and uncertainty of the love Ms. Emily Haines (the lead singer with a penchant for Balmain) refers to as she sings, “I know it’s a lie, I want it to be true / The rest of the ride is riding on you / Over goodbyes we’ll buy some place / For wishing you could / Keep me closer, I’m a lazy dancer, when you move, I move with you.” Even if you haven’t been in love, or haven’t had a relationship, you can still sense her sadness. We’ve all experienced times when we don’t have the emotional strength to pick up the pieces after we fall. It is then that we become lazy dancers waiting for knights in shining armor (whether those be lovers, parents, siblings, or friends) to move us forward because we lack the courage or fortitude to do so ourselves. Clearly, Emily has been right there with us and can empathize.

You may know our next POP-Rock band from their recent hit “Hello” (click here to listen) with French producer/DJ Martin Solveig (Madonna is rumored to be working with him on her upcoming 12th album. Can’t wait!). Their song, “Pick Up the Phone” (click here to listen), from their two-year old album, Fixin to Thrill, goes down like a fizzy can of Coke! Its bubbly electro-rock beat will make you jump up and down until you need an inhaler (for all of the asthmatics out there, like me). The members of the group describe their music as basement POP, which is fitting because it doesn’t quite sound like anything coming out of Dr. Luke’s hit factory (Nothing against Dr. Luke. We love his hits for Britney, Katy, Ke$ha, etc!). The song is so youthful and rebellious and bright, with just a hint of sadness to give it some depth. I love when Martina Sorbara (the glamazon who fronts the band) sings, “So we went completely wild / We were married in the Vegas style / And our families were scandalized / Now I am sorry but I’m not supri-i-i-i-ised.” Then she hits the chorus with “Pick up the phone / Pick up the phone / Congratulations, I’m having visions of us / Breaking everything on our way outta town / We’re going places, you’ve never dreamed of.” The song essentially tells the story of lovers who runaway together in a Thelma and Louise-esque fashion. Maybe after listening to it, you and your significant other will be inspired to do the same.



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