Monday, October 3, 2011

Mr. Little Jeans Takes a Drive Through The Suburbs


So this past week, I put on the alternative station in Boston, WFNX, and what did I hear? Only Arcade Fire’s "The Suburbs," except it wasn’t. It was Mr. Little Jeans’ cover of the song (click here to listen). By the way, Mister is a really a Miss. She’s a London-based, Norwegian-born artist who is otherwise known as Monica Birkenes. There must be something in the water in those Scandinavian countries. Some of the best synth pop artists and producers are coming out of there. (Hello, Robyn?) Usually, I’m not one for covers or remixes, and typically, I need to give a song a few spins before I can decide if I like it/love it/hate it, but this song got me right away. Obviously, the original is a great song, which makes creating a great cover easier, but still, it’s not often that I like a cover BETTER than the original. This version is so slinky and sexy and yummy. I just want to eat it like those women ate yogurt in the 1990s yogurt commercials. Remember? The spoon slowly enters the mouth and the woman moans, “mmm, MMM.” She essentially has sex with her yogurt. This song makes me want to have sexilicious relations with a smooth, creamy dessert, too. I feel like it should be featured in the last season of Sex and The City when Carrie is downtown with the Russian (I didn’t like him, but SJP never looked better in that whole series than when Carrie was him), and Samantha (hey girl!) tells Carrie to stay downtown with her hot man instead of joining the ladies for lunch because it’s cold outside (Brrrr).  

This cover is deeper than that, though. It’s emotional. It’s sad. It makes me want to cry (even while craving a hot fudge sundae with fresh whipped topping). I just connect with it, like I do with the original version, but even more so. Listening to it, I want to ball my eyes out under my blanket while it’s raining outside. It’s like the way she sings ties directly to everything I’m dealing with right now (I’m jobless, hoping to move to NYC in the next year, craving companionship, and am just overall a particularly sensitive person). So basically, it comes highly recommended as a rainy day activity. Just don’t forget your dessertspoon before getting under the covers.




  1. I love the way you write! Your description made me YouTube the song and now I can't stop listening :)

  2. Gregory is an amazing writer! he's so personal.. It's a joy to blog with him =)

  3. I love you guys! You both know so much about pop music and write it up so I really want to listen to your picks. Keep blogging!

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