Monday, October 10, 2011

JFF - Sean Paul ft. Alexis Jordan

When I heard Got 2 Luv U on the radio I had no idea it would get stuck in my head for weeks.  I've loved Sean Paul since Get Busy waaay back in the day, & I say it's about TIME for a comeback!  Although Seany rocks the hip-hop persona (which generally repulses me), somehow his light n' fun dancehall / raggaeton vibes make him pretty POP-friendly.  Despite the fact that Sean's new hairdo is 1/2 Pauly D, 1/2 porcupine, I am & remain totally loyal to him.  I adore you, Seanyboy!

As for Alexis,  I dare say this collab will get put her on the R&B radar.  I do wonder how her parents feel about their daughter kickin' it with a Jamaican playboy in his late 30s (is Sean unzipping her dress in the above photo or what?)  Either way, one thing is for sure: the girl can sing!  Alex Jordan is star-material & Got 2 Luv U should help launch her straight to the top.  With that voice, she certainly deserves it!

Basically, Got 2 Luv U is A-mazing, but the music video is a hot mess.  The kid of hot mess characteristic only of rap videos.  Ready for it?  Click here & check it out.




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