Monday, October 17, 2011

JFF - Ronika

Now here is a chick to take note of for 2012!  "Ronika" is the stage name of Nottingham-native Veronica Sampson, a buzz-worthy pop artist.  Although a relative novice to the music scene, Ronika has already received praise from Popjustice, the Guardian, & NME.   She writes, records, and produces all of her own music, creating an extraordinarily convincing retro-funk sound, slightly reminiscent of Madonna & definitely inspired by her.

Ronika caught my ear a few months back when I heard Forget Yourself, a synthpop dancefloor track of epic proportions.  This month Ronika released an even more melodic tune, Only Only, which also gathered buzz online.  The Only Only music video is like a trip through the cosmos, featuring multi-colored rollerblades, 80s dance moves, illuminated silhouettes, and Ronika professing her love to a keyboard.  After I saw this video I thought to myself, "damn, this girl's a keeper!"

Ronika also sports a super-fresh, urban-chic style evocative of Lily Allen's career beginnings.  She rocks neon dresses, jackets, old school Adidas and bright red lipstick for a neo80s look - one she pulls off absolutely flawlessly (can you sense my jealousy?).  Her hazy, lo-fi music videos are totally engaging, playful and unpretentious (Only Only is the perfect example).

 Let me just say that if I had my way, Ronika would be collaborating with Fear of Tigers on a cover of  Vogue!  Keep it up Ronika! You are sure to join the ranks of my other favorite rising pop artists - Lana Del ReyNeon Hitch - as long as you continue producing those tunes that I can dance to in green tights, orange ray bans & fluorescent pink lipstick! (don't worry, I can pull it off, I'm a redhead).  Much love!



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