Wednesday, October 19, 2011

JFF - Pixie Lott is all Grown Up!

Wow, that seemed fast!  We turned our heads & little miss Pixie grew up & is shaking what her Mama Do gave her.

I absolutely loved Pixie's last song, an up-tempo Saturday night anthem (listen to All About Tonight here) evidently aimed at expanding Pixie's American fanbase & selling her music to a slightly older crowd (older than Nickelodeon viewers, that is).  The music video finds her sporting an eye-catching new haircut and a sleaker, sexier look.  A standard sophomore album tune-up.

Okay, fast-forward to Pixie's newest single, What Do You Take Me For, featuring rapper Pusha T (yup, the same Pusha T that throws cocaine around in his music videos).  Let me say, I really liked the song when I first heard it.  It packs a mean punch thanks to Pixie's vocals & dubstep DJ Rusko's production... but when I saw the music video, I was totally taken aback.  Cocaine-proud Pusha T keeps it relatively PG-13, but Pixie, obviously living under the shadow of the overtly sexual female stars, is almost unrecognizable.  I acknowledge that when a starlet is as beautiful as Pixie is, it is only natural to dress her in a skin-tight leather dress & ask her to dance against a grimy warehouse wall... but still.

What Do You Take Me For is a tight track nonetheless... but I am not sure if I am prepared for what else Pixie & Mercury Records have up their sleeves.  Will they wow us even more?  Watch the music video for What Do You Take Me For here.

Pixie's sophomore album, Young, Foolish, Happy is set for UK release on November 7.  Don't worry, we will review it that fateful month.  I'm not sure what to expect... but if Pixie has her way, we won't be taking her for a child anymore.



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