Friday, October 7, 2011

JFF - Neon Hitch

Neon Hitch is one helluva lady

And NOW for some POPtastic performance art! & YES, her name really is Neon!

Neon Hitch was born into a family of artists & traveling gypsies.  Yup, gypsies.   Her father worked on stage lighting, hence her name, Neon.  When their house burned down, the family headed off to Europe, where 4 year old Neon worked in the circus.  As a teenager, she performed as a fire dancer, trapeze artist, & stilt-walker.  After running off to live in India for a few years, Neon returned to England to make some pop that we can really, really rock to.  So how do her parents feel about this?  ... Her mum helps design her tattoos.  I mean, could this chick be any cooler?  More posts on this babe are definitely to come.

Check out an adorable montage of Neon & her crew on the road here & listen to her first single, Bad Dog, here.




  1. Wow, her dancing and acrobatics are amazing!

  2. I know! she has a totally unique performance style! we adore her.


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