Wednesday, October 12, 2011

JFF – Michelle Branch is Back!


After spending years in Nashville, first as a member of the POP-Country duo The Wreckers, and then as an aspiring country artist that never seemed to hit the ground, Michelle Branch is ready to rock L.A. once again with her upcoming POP album, West Coast Time. Most of us remember Michelle from her earlier hits –  “Everywhere,” “All You Wanted,” “Goodbye to You,” “Are You Happy Now,” and “Breathe,” as well as from her song with The Wreckers, “Leave The Pieces,” but she has been off our radar since. During that time, her record label pushed her to make a country album, Everything Comes and Goes, which never ended up seeing the light of day. The only remnant of it is the single, “Sooner or Later.” In interviews, Branch has said that despite how much she loved Nashville and how hard she tried to succeed there, things never seemed to go right, as if the country music city itself was rejecting her. She was an L.A. artist out of her element, still running on West Coast Time, hence the album title. 

Finally, things are beginning to go smoothly. Ms. Branch has released her first single, Loud Music (click here to listen), from the record. It’s her love letter to classic rockers, like Led Zeppelin. She wrote it with Jim Irvin and Julian Emery, who produced the track. Both these boys worked with Lissie on Catching a Tiger (click here to learn more about Lissie from our POP-Adjacent Pyramid: Tier 2). Upon listening to that album, Michelle decided to trek all the way to London to work with them, and we’re oh so happy she did! Welcome back, girl!



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