Wednesday, October 5, 2011

JFF - Fenech-Soler & "Golden Sun"

I needed a pick-me-up.  Times are tough, & oftentimes finding the extra oomph to tackle the day seems close to impossible.  It's times like these when Lady iTunes works her magic.

Yesterday, in a haze of discontent, I trusted in the power of iTunes shuffle.  Immediately, a track played that turned my ears 180: “Golden Sun,”  by Fenech-Soler.  I thought, Fenech-Soler?  Wait, who are they again?

Fenech-Soler is a 4-piece electro-pop band from England.  Their popular singles, “Lies” and “Stop and Stare,” gained them fame in the UK in 2010.  Deemed rising stars, by 2011 Fenech-Soler enjoyed airtime on Annie Mac’s Radio 1. Their single “Demons” was designated by Netherlands public broadcasting as the anthem for the UEFA Champions League (who says ladies don’t watch soccer, huh??  Go Netherlands!)

However, just when their star seemed in complete ascension, things took a turn for the worst.  The band canceled their UK tour last March, revealing that their lead singer, Ben Duffy, was diagnosed with testicular cancer.  Happily, these days it looks like Ben Duffy & the crew are back in action!  Following Ben's chemotherapy treatment, the band will tour the UK alongside Example (read our Example review here) this November.

I have to say, I am a sucker for anything boy band (mmm hey boys from the Vaccines!) & especially when British or electro-pop.  Fenech-Soler has it all!  They released “Golden Sun” quite recently (check it out here), so how I had it on my iTunes remains a bit of a mystery.  The track is as heavy as it is uplifting; big beats marry synthesizers while Ben Duffy wails “on dark nights when the sky is cold the love is hot!”  Ok guys, you had me at hello!



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  1. Minna, check out Airbrushed...somewhere near the middle, the vocals enter...


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