Sunday, October 30, 2011

JFF - DEV & "Lightspeed"

When I wrote about DEV a few weeks ago (read our original post here), I did not realize how fast she grows on you.  After quite a few postponements, The Night The Sun Came Up, DEV's debut album, is finally hittin' the USA in 2012.  Most of us have heard Bass Down Low & definitely the infectious In The Dark, which have enjoyed plenty of time on the US airwaves.  However, since the album's postponement, we are thirsty for some more tight tunes.  Which song by DEV should we listen to as we sit & twiddle our thumbs?

My personal favorite is the track Lightspeed - it's pretty flippin' good and it gets even better with time.  The song demonstrates DEV's futuristic, electro-crunk sound - sculpted by her producers & good buddies The Cataracs - while also showing off her rap skills.  "I'm in a pocket / with a rocket, Ima cock it / & blow the roof off this bougie' club / F#c* the haters, give me some love" she raps on Lightspeed.  DEV's simple, catchy singalong rhymes are totally contagious - and over time, endearing.

What about you? What do you think is DEV's best song? Let us know!



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