Saturday, October 15, 2011

JFF - CocknBullKid

Ooooo LA LA!  Hackney-native CocknBullKid has been a buzz-worthy name in the UK for months now, but homegirl really deserves some cred in our US.  This dame knows a POP song when she sings one!  Not to mention her lyrics are not only singalong-friendly, but substantial.  "Hold On to Your Misery," is a great example.  Watch the fun, colorful music video here"Hold on to your insecurities / I need them / & they need me" Lady CocknBull sings.  Now that is some thoughtful POP!

Here at Unapologetically POP, we truly believe in this girl.  Check out my favorite CocknBullTrack, "Sinners," hereWe would LOVE to see her live!  Keep it up girl!


Minna & Gregory

P.S. Those of you with a preference for bubblegummy tunes should check out Gregory's  CocknBullKid faves - "Asthma Attack" (click here to listen) and "Distractions" (click here to listen), which are a bit less experimental. We loves us some CocknBullishness.

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