Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Is there such thing as “Pop Primogeniture?”

People have lusted after popstars ever since Elvis.  In our parents’ day people threw their panties on stage when Robert Plant performed.  Even today neither Maroon 5 nor Ke$ha will let us forget about Mick Jagger! (Moves Like Jagger & TiK Tok)  Alas, slowly but surely these pop heart-throbs fizzled out of the limelight and into family life, making room for a new wave of music celebrities.  Our question is: what happened to the sons of this elder generation of pop icons?  And how many of them followed their fathers’ footsteps into the family business of music-making?

Welcome to our “Pop Princes” series. Starting tomorrow, we will be blogging about the men who were lucky enough to be born as instant pop royalty -  and where they are today.

Stay tuned!

Gregory & Minna


  1. Minna, do you take requests for blog subjects? Like where are they now for music fans from 1970s?

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